Ez Bob Level- Steel Erector Tool


 Having now heard from more than a few erectors that they received an accu-bob when they were told they were buying a Bazooka Bob, we recommend verifying what you're purchasing before buying.


There isn't much info to give here and we weren't able to locate the Tru-Bob in search.

The Tru Bob, according to sources, is a one-piece level, plastic construction, 8ft long, using a rigid pendulum to read for plumb and several magnets to secure to the column.

This is all the info we have at this time.

If further info becomes available, it will be posted here.


In the end it's up to the individual what suits you best.

If you need precision, then the Bazooka Bob is the easy winner. If you're framing work , then it's a toss up between either instrument.

However, given the problems we've seen reported, we'd go with the Bazooka Bob regardless. 

EZ-BOB Vertical Level for Columns

For steel, concrete, walls  & more

Ez-Bob vertical level for columns is similar to a Bazooka Bob. It is used for measuring steel and other vertical surfaces for plumb.

The EZ-Bob is no longer available.

There are several other vertical levels on the market, we'll go over them here.

The BPB mfg Co Bazooka Plumb Bob, the HD Chasen Co Accu-bob, and the Tru-bob(maker unknown).

Pictures will be posted shortly but can be found on the respective manufacturer sites.

      The Bazooka Plumb Bob

Around for 45 years or so, the Bazooka Bob is adjustable from 6ft to 12ft. Solid build with aluminum and steel construction.

Faster than lasers and better accuracy than most. It attaches to the column with a single magnet(181lbs of pull). The design allows for easy attachment and removal of the Bazooka Bob from the column.  

There is an easy to read linear gauge at the bottom of the unit for your measurements. A pass-through  allows readings to be taken from the front or rear. Using two Bazooka Bobs, the whole column can be plumbed at the same time.

Features & Specs:

Accurate to .001"

​Adjustable from 6-12ft

Easy to use- intuitive design

No calibrating

No setup or climbing

Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

There appear to be two new attachments for precast & walls and one for forms. The form attachment  is the only one visible on the manufacturer's site at this time.

The Bazooka Bob retails $378.

​Manufacturer website: bazookabob.com

To contact the manufacturer:

BPB Mfg Co- (856) 673-1997.

                     The Accu-bob


It looks like the Accu-Bob is no longer available for sale.


The Accu Bob

Retail price $439.50

The accu bob vertical alignment tool has a foldable design and opens to 10ft. Four small magnets are used to secure the unit to the column. It has a plastic body with steel hinges and clasps to lock it in the open position. 


The accu bob is advertised as a precision tool... but in order to calibrate it(per the manufacturer's instructions) and before you can use it(according to manufacturer's instructions), you must "first find a surface you know is plumb, then calibrate to zero". This means that if you're on your first column and need to calibrate the accu-bob, you must first use another method to plumb that column, then calibrate the accu-bob. There is no exact "zero" on the accu bob. The center hole is more of an...."about there". It won't give you an exact reading for plumb. It's hard to view this as precision. Some jobs have tight specs and "about there" won't do.

Many erectors have pointed to a problem with broken strings stemming from the string being exposed when the Accu bob is folded in half.


After hearing from erectors who had purchased the accu bob, here are a some of their comments:

  • -When plastic meets metal(the hinges) the end result is never good. The hinges ripped out in a few weeks.
  • My guys won't use it anymore. The strings are always breaking and the pinch point does just that, pinches. A lot
  • Poor build quality. Like it was made in someone's garage. 
  • I bought Accu Bob because I thought it was a Bazooka Bob from the wording on the site I purchased it from... I got plastic and wasn't happy about it.

Not every erector was so harsh about the Accu-bob, but none of them raved about it either. The best thing anybody said about it was- "It's ok"

The Accu-Bob is no longer available on the manufacturer's site(see comments above), however, we were able to find it for $399 doing a search.