Ez Bob Level- Steel Erector Tool

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The Ez-Bob magnetic vertical level for columns is similar to a Bazooka Bob. It is a precision instrument used in erecting steel and other vertical surfaces which need precise measurement. The Ez-Bob is similar to the Bazooka Bob, the best steel erector tool available for years. 

The Indusco Ez-bob is no longer available. We recommend the Bazooka Bob to erectors.

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The ez-bob is a magnetic level used for measuring vertical accuracy on steel columns, walls, forms and more.  Faster and easier than a laser level or transit, the Ez-Bob attaches directly to the work surface by way of a magnet and gives an instant readout for plumb using a linear gauge.

The Ez-Bob can also be used in high winds or inclement weather*  that renders other instruments useless.

Compared to the Accu-bob:

The accu-bob is made of plastic or fiberglass, has a fragile hinge (which even the manufacturer cautions you be careful with) and can only be calibrated if you have a already level column to use as a gauge. So its accuracy can best be described as questionable.....at best. So you need another tool first to make sure your column is plumb so you can then use the Accu Bob. 

EZ-BOB Vertical Level for Columns

For steel, concrete, walls  & more

The EZ-Bob is no longer available.

We recommend you try the Bazooka Plumb Bob. It is the original vertical level and we have to admit, still the best. 

Other tools try to imitate the Bazooka Bob or say they are "similar", but none come close to its speed, accuracy and durability. It's a precision instrument but built for the job site.

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